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Plastic surgery deals with surgical interventions aimed at the elimination of deformations and defects of an organ, tissue or the surface of the human body. Possibilities of modern plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are beyond  of the imagination.


Types of plastic surgery

face lift, neck lift | Mastopexy – breast lift | Correction of the nasal septum | Reconstruction after injuries | Restoring of  facial nerves | Treatment of obesity | Breast Implants | Breast plastic surgery | Breast plastic surgery after cancer surgery .For plastic surgeons refer to the following reasons:

  • The desire to look young, smart, elegant
  • Correction of existing defects on the skin
  • Correction of certain parts of the body that have lost shape in the process of life
  • Artistic creation of the patient over his body
  • Body Reconstruction after injuries and burns

The latest techniques in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine developed in Israel, the media constantly reports the appearance of a new method of correcting congenital or acquired defects of the body.


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At your disposal are Israeli plastic surgeons who  create miracles!

 The main types of plastic and aesthetic surgery:

  • Correction of congenital and acquired abnormalities
  • Correction of traumatic injury and post-burn conditions
  • Hypospadias correction, and other anomalies of the genital organs
  • Reconstruction of soft tissue of breast after surgery for its removal
  • Correction of split lip and palate
  • To change the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty)
  • to change the shape of ears operations (otoplasty)
  • operations on the eyelids (blepharoplasty) and lift the skin of the face and neck muscles
  • Operations to change shape of the breast (lift, reduction or increase, the improvement of its size and contours)
  • Liposuction of Tummy anterior abdominal wall (tummy tuck)
  • Plastic Surgery for Men
  • Collaborate with maxillofacial surgeons and ENT doctors to change and correct the facial bones (after traumas, wounds …)

If in this list there is not the direction you want, you can contact our medical consultants and we can help you!