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According to medical statistics,  death rates among cancer patients who received  the treatment in Israel are significantly reduced over the past decade.

At the present time, according to experts, the chances of curing  the patients from cancer in Israel  is approximately 60%.

Russia Medicine and other states of the former Soviet Union do not have the same  level of development as well as political and economic upheavals have affected the level of Russian Oncology: according to statistics  780 cancer patients die every day in Russia  ! 2.5 million Russians suffer from a variety of cancers. Qualified Israeli doctors are ready to offer any diagnosis and treatment of malignant and benign tumors. Israeli oncologists treat cancer in very short time  and achieve extension of life of the patient, or a complete cure of the disease.

Diagnosis at an early stage of cancer

Timely detection of disease and adequate treatment are the most important things in oncology. In the early stages, most cancers can be removed surgically. Applying a modern methods of cancer diagnostics, cancer can be detected in time, before it causes irreversible processes in the body.

The Israeli hospitals are  equipped with modern technologies for diagnosis (magnetic resonance and positron emission-tomography), thanks to sophisticated laboratory studies certain types of cancer are identified at an early stage. The Israeli hospitals use complex methods of treating tumors, including both surgical and conservative treatments.

Surgery in Israel provides a quick recovery of the patient and avoids postoperative complications. Prices for the treatment of cancer is lower than the cost of treatment in European and American hospitals.