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Treatment in Israel

Клиники в Израиле 1

Treatment abroad today is becoming a common event, and the inhabitants of the countries where the level of medicine still does not meet international standards began to use the services of modern foreign clinics. Every year medical tourism  takes a stronger position, because the awareness is growing, and people prefer to trust their health professionals and the hospitals where they really will get qualified help. Without belittling the merits and professionalism of Russian physicians and doctors of other post-Soviet countries, it should be noted that their opportunities are still limited. They built modern medical centers which are not conceding the Western centers, where the latest technologies are used, but they are still very small, and they do not provide the needs of the population. And time, as we know, always works against the patient, especially when the disease is severe, so treatment abroad in such cases is the only right choice.

Why to take treatment in Israel?

Let us try to analyze which countries does  the  patient  from the post Soviet  states  prefer? Undoubtedly, the very high level of medicine  is in the US, but  due to the high costs in  US hospitals only a few patients can afford treatment there. Then Western Europe is very popular for medical tourism, where medicine corresponds to the world level, and the prices are several times lower than in the US. Finally, Israel is the only country in the world where the foreign  patients  get the  highest level of care with  the lowest prices  , because no other country in the world invests in medicine for almost 70% of the state budget, and it provides the most popular treatment in Israel, where every year arrive more than 30 thousand patients from abroad, 70% of them are coming from the post-Soviet states. The reasons are obvious: high-quality treatment, low costs, the lack of a language barrier, great service in the clinics, as well as the possibility of recovery at the Dead Sea.
Клиники в Израиле

What is the cost of treatment in Israel?

Probably, not yet everybody knows that the cost of treatment of any disease in Israel compares favorably with other countries abroad. It is not only much lower than in the United States, but even more democratic than in Western Europe. But this does not mean that the quality of treatment is worse. On the contrary, in many branches of medicine Israel firmly holds the world championship. This is the priority of democratic pricing policy, where concern for public health comes first. Moreover, the prices in Israel are stable and do not have sharp differences, differently from  the clinic of Western countries.  Also there are  seasonal discounts and  discounts  on the treatment of children and so on. On our website is  more detailed information with the cost of treating the disease you are interested in .

How to arrange the treatment in Israel?

Every reasonable person understands that treatment abroad – in a country with a different language, without the organizational help – it is extremely troublesome. The only exception, which can help out,  is – the presence in the country of friends or relatives who can help. Experience has shown that only an organized treatment is the most reliable,  and gives the best results. The question is which to choose  among many hundreds of proposed organizations , both firms and individuals .

Unimedbaruh can guarantee you a reliable and fast treatment in Israel. Appealing to Unimedbaruh, filling out the contact form on the website, or by calling the telephone number, you have the opportunity to receive advice during a day of Israel’s leading expert on the profile of your disease. Unimedbaruh  will help you to choose the most suitable clinic and specialist  for you , with the most reasonable cost of treatment, and to carry out  all the organizational work , releasing you from any kinds of inconveniences.  This includes booking  the tickets (round trip), delivery from the airport to the hospital, with Russian-speaking guide, translation of documents, matching the time consultation, examination, surgery, all kinds of domestic issues – accommodation, food, care, and even a guide service according to the patient’s wish. All this creates the  most comfortable conditions for  patient treatment and  recovery.

Information about treatment in Israel

Israeli medicine today is very popular all over the world, and it is not surprising that even many famous people  from Western countries come  to Israeli  clinics  for  treatment . High  demand is on  cardiology cardiac surgery, organ transplantations, orthopedics, neurosurgery and oncology, plastic surgery, and artificial fertilization. Many tourists come just to get a reliable modern medical examination, undergo rehabilitation and cleansing of the body in the clinics at the Dead Sea. Men from different countries prefer Israeli clinics  for a variety of urological problems, including intimate plan, as they are  solved  efficiently. Numerous information about treatment in Israel in the media, on the Internet, and no less numerous Opinions of patients, only confirms  the expediency and the benefits of treatment in Israel.