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About Medical Tourism

О медицинском туризме

One of the most popular types of tourism – a medical tourism (treatment abroad). Foreigners get the medical care they can not receive in their own country, and that motivates them to come to Israel, where they meet a well-developed area of medical tourism and the highest standard of health.

The cost of treatment in Israel

Successful treatment of complex diseases makes Israeli doctors and medical centers  known throughout the world. Anyone can get a complete treatment from the best doctors in the well-equipped clinics. Pretty low cost in Israel in comparison with world-level clinics is the main feature of medical tourism in Israel.

UNIMEDBARUH provides the following services:

  • Help with booking airline tickets and support the carriage by air of the patient;
  • Transfer;
  • Vehicles of any kind;
  • Booking rooms in hotel or apartment;
  • All the necessary means of communication;
  • patient services at all stages of examination and treatment;
  • Israel City Tour (if desired)


Before the patient arrives to Israel he has to send his medical documents to the hospital, where the medical staff will make a provisional program of examination and treatment. After the treatment, the patient receives a full medical card and an extract from it in Russian and if necessary in English.

Our patients receive medical care that meets the highest international quality standards.

What are the benefits of treatment abroad:

After the refusal or failure of treatment by doctors of other countries, that is in the most severe cases, patients come for help in Israel.During the entire period of stay in the clinic: from the moment of admission and before discharge, the patientis  accompanied by  the medical staff.Before coming to the clinic ,consultation plan of diagnostic and therapeutic measures and estimates of treatment are drawn for the patient. Hundreds of thousands of people recover with the help of medical tourism, and quite a number are those people who without of this opportunity wouldn’t  survive.

Skilled care for seriously ill patients, prevention of diseases at the highest level, the world’s best diagnostics, aesthetic medicine, wellness vacation – all this is medical tourism in Israel.