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Schneider Children’s Medical Center


Schneider Children’s Medical Centerof Israel is the only comprehensive, tertiary care hospital of its kind in the country and in the Middle East, offering the full range of pediatric disciplines under one roof to all children from 0-18. Since its establishment in 1991, Schneider Children’s has revolutionized the practice of pediatric medicine in the country and been recognized as one of the leading pediatric institutions in the world. Schneider Children’s comprises 250 beds, 43% of which are assigned to critical care (Intensive Care Units, Neonatology, Burns, etc.). The medical center serves as the national referral center for Hematology-Oncology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Cardiology, and organ and bone marrow transplantation.For patients who are born with congenital abnormalities, there are special clinics that provide further care for adults. As a leading pediatric institution and a national center for hematology, oncology, endocrinology, diabetes and cardiology, Schneider Medical Center treats children in Israel.

Schneider Children’s center is all about children. It utilizes a unique approach to pediatric medicine where children are treated as children and not as small adults. Since they have different emotional and physical resources for healing, Schneider Children’s utilizes a “whole-child-care” multidisciplinary approach, whereby treatment is integrated with emotional, psychological, educational and developmental care.While planning the architectural center of the buildings especially children and adolescents were taken into account.

Good lighting and visibility is provided by translucent materials. Bright, spacious and beautiful atrium, huge toy animals,  colorful posters and the  cabins  similar to Lego design meet the child as soon as he is in the hospital.

adults accompanying the children can occupy themselves with computer games. Every detail of the situation is carefully thought out ,  colorful children’s underwear and pajamas are prepared . Medical clinic staff is to everyone. Babies are  offered spacious and bright wards  with separate toilets . There is a TV and a comfortable bed for a cozy atmosphere in each ward, so that parents can stay with their children around the clock.

Best pediatric practices in Israel

Schneider Children’s center has been recognized one of the best pediatric institutions in the world, setting new standards in pediatrics  in Israel. It is  the avant-garde is  the saving  the  life and health of children. Victims of terrorist attacks and seriously ill children are treated there.

Nuclear medicine and the treatment of pain syndromes, was put into practice for the first time in the Schneider Children’s center. The medical center serves as the national referral center for Hematology-Oncology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Cardiology, and organ and bone marrow transplantation.T.

Schneider Children’s center  is the leader institution of diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired heart disease in children , every year hundreds of catheterization and vascular operations are  performed there.

Integral interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of diabetes of the first type was first used in the center of Schneider. Innovative digital and information technologies are used in medical imaging department for diagnostics and data storage (MRI, CT).

Succeeded in technological developments, the Institute of Genetics of  Schneider Children’s center  uses its opportunities in consultation, diagnosis and treatment of children in Israel. It is the first hospital in Israel, in using computer technology to maintain patient records, freeing doctors from making a handwritten reports. The data is stored centrally, ensuring  access to doctors at any time.

Public polls showed that among the nine Israeli hospitals, Schneider Center received the highest marks, repeatedly winning the title of the most aesthetic hospitals in Israel.

The full treatment of children in Israel

Treatment for the most serious cases of chronic diseases, conducting the most complex surgical procedures, rehabilitation of severely injured children and adolescents under 18 years of age, takes place in the Center  of Schneider.

To increase the confidence of patients and their parents, different techniques are used in the clinic, which creates a relaxed atmosphere of trust that allows to intensify  the treatment. The center  constantly employs  the social workers who own different languages to overcome the language barrier with the patients communicating in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English languages

Education Centre caters for children of all ages, as many patients due to long-term care are forced to interrupt their studies in their schools.

Children have good conditions for games, entertainment, communication and leisure, to make easier to endure hospitalization. Medical staff consists of  400 volunteers, organizing special events, marking the birthdays and children’s parties.