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Assuta Medical Center


Assuta Medical Center is the first private clinic in Israel, which was founded by physicians came from Germany in 1934. New  hospital complex recognized as one of the best in Europe, was built in 2009. Principle of effectiveness and caring service are  two basic principles on which “Assuta” clinic is based. Assuta  is Israel’s  largest and leading private medical center comprising eleven clinics and hospitals across Israel. The main center is located in the north of Tel Aviv. The clinic has sixteen operating, single and double comfortable wards, designed for 250 beds, which are equipped with modern medical equipment and furniture.  The building is comfortably designed for patients ,  visitors and medical staff . The clinic “Assuta” has one of the advanced diagnostics department in Israel. Commercial status of the hospital allows it to acquire the latest diagnostic equipment. The clinic has the most modern computer tomography with high resolution accuracy, a wide range of image manipulation and low radiation.     

Assuta” clinic Surgical Department ” includes outpatient and inpatient department, subdivided into general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedic, urology, ENT, plastic compartment.

Assuta’s surgical staff possesses broad experience in laparoscopic surgery, and applies the technique whenever possible to benefit the patient. Laparoscopic surgery offers patients significant advantages, including smaller incisions, which means reduced pain and a shorter hospitalization and recovery period.

Top surgeons  of the country use of the latest technology while performing laparoscopic (including cancer) and abdominal surgery.

The following cardiac surgery: coronary artery bypass surgery, catheterization, restoration and transplant heart valves, and others.

Assuta offers the full range of neurosurgeries by Israel’s leading, expert neurosurgeons utilizing the world’s most advanced technologies. These include a Computerized Imaging Navigator, which enables fast, safe access to the operating site while ensuring minimum damage to the surrounding tissue. The innovative technology is based on navigation-guided MRI or C T.


Assuta provides a wide range of high-level orthopedic surgeries: Spine surgery ,  joint replacement surgeries.

Urological surgery: the removal of kidney stones, removal of tumors of the prostate gland, laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.

ENT surgery: the removal of tonsils with a laser, thyroid removal, etc.

The use of the latest endoscopic  technologies in gynecological operations.

Ophthalmic surgery: laser vision correction, cataract removal, strabismus correction.

The most popular plastic surgeries : breast augmentation , liposuction, rhinoplasty.

In all “Assuta” Clinics the  operating rooms are  equipped with the latest equipment and planned so that as soon as possible to update them.

A computerized  medical database  of  “Assuta” clinics pharmacy  monitors the status of pharmacy stocks and  makes delivery of the drug to the patient in a few minutes, eliminate the chance of errors.

More than 1,500 highly qualified doctors work at Assuta clinic. Many of them are the head of the largest hospitals, departments and units  in Israeli hospitals. Seeking the  medical help in “Assuta” clinic you can choose your doctor from a wide list of experts.