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В медицинское обследование 


Pledge of health – a full medical examination

Whence originate serious diseases, such as extensive strokes and heart attacks, severe forms of cancer, many of which causes the death of patients? Diseases arise from unrecognized chronic diseases which were not diagnosed and did not show too much itself. Typically, stroke or heart attack are developed on the background of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cancer develops gradually over more or less long period of time. Periodic medical examinations are necessary for early detection and treatment of existing diseases still in the early stages.

Possibilities of medical examinations abroad

The quality of the medical examination, its diagnostic capabilities are also very important factors. There are some cases when the medical examinations are  carried out only for the formalities and include only FG, ECG, blood tests and urine tests, gynecological examination. Quite often, the health care system in the country, a city, a region, a specific hospital is still very limited. Caring about the health, modern and informed person is well aware that the best option for him is the  medical examination abroad in modern hospitals with new equipment, laboratory and other research methods, that gives him  full information about the state of the organism. This requires material resources, and many patients prefer a medical examination in Israel, with more affordable prices.

The cost of the medical examinations in Israel

Israel Medical examination is notable for its high quality and modern techniques, combined with low prices in comparison with other countries. The cost of the medical examinations in Israel:

comprehensive examination – about $ 600-800

in-depth examination – about 2000-3000 $

Medical examination is general and specific, which relates to a specific disease or organ, and includes the most modern types of tomographic imaging of organs and in the CIS countries, these methods have a high cost and low availability, the patient is forced to wait in line for months in the hospital. Detailed cost of medical examinations in Israel can be found on our website.

Organization of medical examinations in Israel

In Israel, any medical examination can be passed as soon as possible. As in other civilized countries, a comprehensive medical examination in Israel, is  conducted by the International  Check Up system, which gives an idea of the status of all organs and systems. It takes only a day, and includes: inspection and conversation with the doctor, examination of the heart, lungs, ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis, examination of  vision, hearing, nerve function, a  visit to a gynecologist and urologist to conduct ultrasound tests to cytology, PSA, laboratory blood analysis , and urine screening.

Patients undergo in-depth medical examination, if they revealed pathology in any organ: hormonal or genetic , a list diagnostic procedures (puncture angiography, cardiac catheterization and vascular study of the lymphatic system, biopsy, genetic and immunological diagnostics, various endoscopic examinations) are carried out by  the leading specialists of the country.

In-depth examination takes 3 to 5 days. All diagnostic procedures are performed using the latest equipment and new technologies, which give the most accurate information. More and more tourists who come to the country to see the unique attractions and to  visit the Dead Sea, go to the clinics for full examinations and spend a minimum of time and very little money.