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In vitro fertilization (the IVF) IN ISRAEL

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Artificial insemination in Israel

In the treatment of infertility worldwide IVF shall prevail. In the pathology of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, endocrine disorders, insufficient or reduced sperm motility, the presence of antibodies to the sperm and infertility for unknown reasons, in vitro fertilization is used.

Deciding to have a baby, people are increasingly faced with infertility. Modern medical technology can solve many problems that were considered insurmountable, but the rhythm of modern life, the health of women and men, social problems and stress lead to the fact that the problem of infertility is still relevant. It is important to define infertility itself,  and  put the diagnosis.



The absence of pregnancy after 12 months of regular sexual life without contraception is defined as infertility.

There are male and female infertility, primary and secondary. The primary female infertility called infertility in women, who live a regular sexual life without contraception and do not have any pregnancy; secondary – cases where the pregnancy was, but after one year of regular sexual life it is not reached without any protection.



When the infertile couple comes  to the center of infertility treatment, the first stage is the  examination of both partners. For men – semen, and for women it is ultrasound, blood tests for hormones, tests for AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis, conducted genetic analyzes when necessary. Test takes about 2 weeks. Then doctor decides  which method of infertility treatment is most suitable for a particular pair. Preimplantation diagnosis is a method of research embryos resulting from IVF, before his transfer to the uterus. The use of modern genetic technology makes it possible to examine the embryo that consists of 4-8 cells. Aapplying this method of diagnosis, can be revealed grave defects of embryo development, hereditary chromosomal diseases (Down syndrome, hemophilia), and can be determined the sex of the child.



In vitro fertilization pregnancy is much less than 100%, so the procedure is called an attempt. Embryos are administered once after 3 days,  levels of hormones in the blood is controlled  , and after 12 days the pregnancy test is performed.

Modern reproductive technologies – is not only a method of in vitro fertilization, and endoscopic techniques for the treatment of infertility. With the help of special equipment is restored patency of the fallopian tubes that hysteroscopy is performed through the vagina and uterus, and laparoscopy through the anterior abdominal wall. When endoscopic techniques are useless, then IVF is recommended.

Pregnancy and successful gestation is  possible if a woman has a uterus. Even 40-50 year old women, can have children. IVF method is used in the event that the pregnancy is not contraindicated in women for health reasons.


Examination before pregnancy

Parents who decide to have children should be screened, which includes a series of studies of both spouses: lab tests, genetic examination for many tens of parameters.

To avoid complication, unexpected situations, to preserve peace of mind will help the high professionalism of our doctors, who with the help of modern equipment will conduct a comprehensive survey and assign adequate treatment.